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Questions tagged [action-cam]

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Stabilize MP4 from gyroscope metadata? (Insta360)

I just got an Insta360 One R 1-inch sensor and the footage is shaky as hell. I realised that you need their desktop application to actually stabilise in post-production but since I'm on Linux this is ...
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Is the EF mount on the BMPCC 6k weak? If yes, how weak?

BACKGROUND / PROBLEM Hi, I plan on getting a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k g2 sometime soon, and don't know the physical limits of what the body of it can withstand. I've heard that EF lens ...
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Functioning of battery banks for GoPro 4 Silver

I was disappointed with the short duration of the standard battery in my GoPro. I would like to be able to shoot for a full day, without interruption. I researched external battery power banks, but ...
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Is there a mount for GoPros that clamp the gopro itself instead of using thumbscrews?

I'm having trouble finding a mount for GoPro/any general action camera that uses clamping to hold the device down instead of an external case or thumb screws. Basically I'm looking for something like ...
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Which will have better quality, an H.264 encoded video with higher bitrate or an H.265 with lower bitrate?

I got a cheap action camera that allows me to choose the encoding of the video being recorded between H.264 and H.265. When I set it to H.264, the video's bitrate is set to around 10,000+ kbps. When I ...
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