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Questions tagged [ableton-live]

Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation program with an emphasis on live performance and looping.

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Ableton Live create video is greyed out

I have bought Ableton Live Suite but I cannot create a video from an audio track. Is it even possible? The create video functionality is greyed. Do I need to install some code or something?
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2 answers

How to change note value in Ableton Live

Not the most accomplished music theorist or producer, so perhaps a rewrite of this question would be in order. When composing in draw mode in Ableton Live, I would like to be able to make more than ...
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How to make an Ableton Live project a set time

I'd like to make be able a project file only ninety seconds, and have Ableton discard any music that runs over that time as a result of any midi tranformations or effects.
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2 votes
1 answer

Setting up (negative?) midi delay in ableton

When tapping a simple beat on my MPD24 controller in Ableton Live on a Macbook, the notes sound fine when I play them, but as the clip repeats, they seem to play too early. I must admit I am an utter ...
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how to do an amplitude modulation in Ableton Live [closed]

What I want is simple: I want to modulate the volume (amplitude) of one channel, with the amplitude of another channel. There's the vocoder effect which does something vaguely similar to what I'm ...
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1 answer

Windows 7 - multiple programs with conflicting sound output

I have a Windows 7 (32 bit, service pack 1) on my laptop and, whenever I launch my sound editor (Ableton Live 8), all other programs (Firefox, Chrome, Skype etc) stop outputting any sounds. Even when ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How do I make something sound "cloudy" as though my ears are plugged using Ableton Live? [closed]

I'm working on a song that I'd like to have drums similar to Radiohead's "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors." I love the way the bass kick sounds like it's cloudy, as though I were hearing it through plugged ...
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