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Free and simple video editor for Windows 10 [duplicate]

I need a free and simple to use tool that is able to cut vidoes, fade to another videos (or instant change without any fade) and overlap audio (music or out of screen voices). Basically the basic ...
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What's the best free video editor for a music slideshow? [duplicate]

I am looking for a FOSS video editor to make a slideshow with. I want soemhting that's easy to use with the ability to have standard timed transitions across all clips. What's the best option?
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Which free video editing software do you recommend? [duplicate]

I need to make a simple video for my current work and I am looking for a decent free video editing software. In the past I used Adobe Premiere and I am used to it. But I probably won't have to do any ...
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Any free or cheap soft for video composing [duplicate]

anyone knows if there is any video composing software cheap or free like, final cut pro, avid; to work in pair with after effect ?
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Download older version for free [duplicate]

I know that for Adobe CS2, Adobe released the program for free online due to some glitch or something. But are there any (really good) NLE video editors what have been legally released for free ...
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What Beginner Video Editing Software Should I Use?

Specifically, I need to edit HD video on Windows 7. I need a software solution which can zoom, pan and insert text. Also, I will need to adjust the scale of video clips and composite multiple video ...
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Simple Video Editing Tool?

Can someone suggest free tools for video editing and video making? If you can include the feature much better. Hope to be able to get some of your advice. I need it badly. I am really not into ...
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Editing software to quickly match audio and video transitions

I would like to create a short movie from a collection of clips, shot with an action cam, where the video transitions are synced with the beats in my audio. I have done some research and the options I ...
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Looking for video software for analysing videos

I have a security camera on my car which is triggered by motion detection. Each time it happens it records about 10 seconds in dual cameras which end up with two files A_[timestamp]for front, B_[...
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Really struggling to record video + sound on PC, can anybody steer me in right direction?

This is what I'm trying to acheive: Record myself playing guitar with 3 microphones. They are USB condenser microphones plugged into my PC One channel for voice in the middle, and 2 channels for right ...
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