I am using Windows 7 and trying to find a right application to get advanced features of the "[Ken Burns effect]", like pan and zoom. Unfortunately Photostory version in Windows 7 is not able to get effects. I have access to Photoshop in other computer

  • You can try the freely-available Lightworks, but beware - this is a cinema-grade piece of software and comes with a steep learning curve. Do you have to use Windows 7? If you have access to a Linux or Mac system, there are plenty of options. Windows... not so much.
    – Cal McLean
    Dec 16, 2013 at 0:52

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Any software with keyframe support can do this. This answer provides a rough walkthrough of how you can accomplish the look you are describing with just keyframes and positioning/scale keyframes.


If you want a free and open-source option, ffDiaporama is quite good. It's mainly geared towards making photo slideshows (but allows for video too), which are rendered into a video file.

It supports doing Ken Burns effects (and any other transforms, using keyframes), and works pretty similarly to other video editors in that regard.

The UI may be a bit non-intuitive if you havn't used keyframeable video editors before, but it's pretty easy to use.

There's a video on how to do Ken Burns -style pan and zooms here.


Check out Lightworks' free version.

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