Can I create subtitle (.srt) file manually (to add subtitle) for .avi file?

I have created .avi file using Snagit but there is no option to add subtitle as well. So can I create subtitle file manually by myself? Or Do I have to download a specific Software for it?

Does it follows any structure?

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This can also be accomplished if you have VirtualDubMod and a TextSub provider installed such as VobSub or VSFilter.

To use VobSub, during installation you must select the Plugins -> TextSub for VirtualDub and Avisynth option.

To use VSFilter, you must locate the VSFilter.dll file in the installation directory and copy it to the plugins folder with the extension changed to .vdf (e.g. VirtualDubMod\plugins\VSFilter.vdf).

Once you've installed one of them:

  1. Open the .avi file in VirtualDubMod
  2. Select Video -> Filters from the menu or press Ctrl + F
  3. Click Add and select TextSub from the filters list and press OK
  4. A file navigator should have appeared, select the .srt file.
  5. Optionally, at this point set up the compression under Video -> Compression. Save the merged file with File -> Save as AVI

I researched on net and found that it's very to add subtitle to any .avi file format. Here is a link for a site called Any Video Converter where an example has been given that How to create .srt file for Subtitles?

For quick view, below I am specifying format for Subtitle file (.srt)

00:00:03,000 --> 00:00:07,000
Hi Friends, This is First Track

00:00:14,000 --> 00:00:17,000
Second Track goes here

00:00:18,000 --> 00:00:22,000
Third Track goes here

So, we have to just follow this format. There should be a new line between each track. That's it.

00:00:18,000 is format of hh:mm:ss:ms. So it's pretty simple.


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