When I add text to an after effects project there's an "animate" triangle I can click which lets me animate the position of the text from 0.0, 0.0. This is great because if I duplicate that layer and move it around the text animates relatively from its new position no problem.

I'd like to do this with an image but I can't work out how to do it. Animating the position of the image based on key frames is fine but when I try to duplicate and move the animated image around it animates from it's original position.

Is there any easy way to do this?

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You can move the anchor point of a layer, but this may upset scale, rotation or masking. There is a much simpler and very intuitive way to do it.

Click on the position property to select all keyframes. Park the playhead on one of these keyframes (use j or k keys to do this). Now if you move one of the keyframes they all move. If you don't park the playhead on an existing keyframe then you will just create a new keyframe at the current time and leave the others unchanged.

Tip: If you need to have the playhead at a particular time to see the relative position and there is no keyframe there, just create a temporary one at the current time.


And furthermore there is parenting. You parent your image to a null. Copy the null and image over, and set the null in a new position. The image will move relative to the null's position


There are several ways. You can use an adjustment layer to apply to the layers above it or you can nest a composition such that the movements of that composition apply to everything in the source. I most often use the nested composition approach as it lets me work on things separately, but it is a bit more of a pain for making changes while looking at the final output, so it isn't ideal for every situation.


I've found that using the Anchor Point is a great way to do this. The position will not copy over (be sure to just copy the anchor point animation), and it will instead animate relative to the position.

I usually do it the reverse of this. I set my position using the Anchor Point, and then animate using keyframes on the Position.

I generally don't use the "Animate" button on text in AE, though, so this might not work as you're expecting.

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