I have a live multi-program MPEG-TS stream [MPTS] over IP, I'd like to select just one program from the stream, and output a single-program MPEG-TS stream containing just that program. is there any software, either open-source or for sale that can do that?

  • Better be asked on SU? – Eugene S Jun 12 '13 at 23:24
  • I think it is on topic here, I just don't know the answer on this one. SU might have someone that knows though. – AJ Henderson Jun 13 '13 at 4:29
  • Are you trying to rebroadcast someone else's stream? I think the way this would normally be done is to have a separate stream from the origin. I'm not sure of any software splitters, though that isn't to say there might not be a commercial streaming server capable of doing it. Unfortunately I am a Windows streaming media services guy when it comes to live streaming, so I don't know much on the MPEG-TS side of things. – AJ Henderson Jun 13 '13 at 4:32
  • We're deploying an OTT solution that only supports SPTS as input, in a DVB broadcasting facility that utilizes MPTS streams. need some way to split the MPTS streams to multiple SPTS streams – Aviad Rozenhek Jun 13 '13 at 9:24

Adobe Media Server appears to support the functionality you are looking for. There is a free starter edition or the Extended or Professional editions also support live stream splitting.


tsMuxer should be capable of doing just that. It can handle pretty much any form of transport stream.


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