I'm rather new to AE but I believe I have the rotoscoping under control. How can I gradually (each frame more) colourize an object in a video. So that at first the whole video is black and white and then one object starts to get more and more colour starting from a certain point and allow the colour to spread back to the whole object.

Thanks a lot!

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I can't give you AE specifics, but one general method would be to have a mono layer and an otherwise identical color layer, keying the color over the mono using a matte layer that you draw on. As portions of the matte layer are turned white, or shades of white, the color layer is revealed.


Set an adjustment layer, mask it to cover what you want, use the Hue/Saturation color effect, and set the saturation to zero...then on your layer push the e key, and then select the stop watch next to the saturation of the effect. go to where you want it in color, and set the saturation amount. Done

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