I have created a video+audio clip in Sony Vegas. After the work was completed, I decided to increase velocity a little bit (final percentage ~95% original).

In the project, I have several audio and video tracks, each of which obviously has multiple events.
I can Ctrl+Mouse Drag each individual event, but it seems even impossible to do the same when several events selected (only one event changes).

For both audio and viodeo, I need only velocity changed (time stretch, but no audio pitch shift), and all event points (transitions etc) change accordingly.

For audio, it seems possible to go to Master FX and add Time Stretch FX, but it only affects audio.

How can I change velocity for each individual track (or, well, an entire project) with minimum hassle?

P.S. Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, Windows 7.

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The best way to increase the playback rate for the entire project is to use nested projects: Start new project and add your original project to the timeline as an event. Then Ctrl + Mouse Drag.

  • That's a very clever trick, thanks. Can I find it somewhere in the docs? I worry about the quality of video/audio rendering, e.g. would it lose any quality if the first project has source video samples assigned -5% velocity and then the wrapper project has +5% velocity. Dec 22, 2012 at 14:21

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