Am new to Premier CS6 - working with Multicam editing. Having success but stuck on color correction. I am able to create a multicam clip and do my edits using the Multicam Editing window (very slick and fast). Also able to adjust those edits in the timeline to improve timing. Sweet.

How do I color correct (or add an effect) to an entire angle in a multicam sequence after I've applied the edits (or even before)?

If I drag the effect into the timeline it sticks only to a particular edit and won't get to all the edits from that angle. I can't drag it into the upper-left window ("browser"?) and don't know how else to apply the effect.

I've read some online but am hitting a wall with how I get to the underlying video footage behind the multicam edit.

Can someone hold my hand and guide me?

Detail Steps Taken in CS6

  1. Place video files (angles) in the project browser
  2. For each file, double click to preview video and then set corresponding in-points
  3. Select all video angles in project browser, right-click, and choose Make multicamera clip... (by in-point)
  4. Place new multicam clip in the sequence

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If all is correct you enable the multi camera mode on a sequence containing the different angles in different tracks as shown in the image below (this is CS5.5, but CS6 is similar). The image shows a sequence containing 4 different clips which represent 4 different angles. In this example these are just a collection of random footage, but it works the same if you have actual different footage from different angles.

enter image description here

Let's call this Sequence 01. Now put Sequence 01 in another sequence,

enter image description here

click on Multi-Camera -> Enable and then you can switch witch camera you want in Sequence 02.

enter image description here

According to the information in your question you've already come so far.

Now if you want to color correct one angle (lets take the angle called Leaf.MOV) just open Sequence 01, apply the effect to the clip (drag and drop on the Leaf.MOV clip) and this changes should propagate into your multi-cam edits.

Please feel free to ask any question if this doesn't work for you. I'll try to help.

  • Your approach works; I added detailed steps to my question to see how our approaches differed. I didn't put all the clips in their own sequence first -- I just set in-points and then created a multicam clip from the project browser. Your instructions, though, seem to work great! Thanks
    – thornomad
    Dec 18, 2012 at 17:33
  • Good to hear it works, I was not aware of your method. Consider accepting my answer if it has helped you. Dec 18, 2012 at 17:39
  • 1
    Accepted! I clicked on it twice as the answer already but wasn't sticking ... I think it stuck this time.
    – thornomad
    Dec 18, 2012 at 17:40

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