I use this command to mark each frame with a green mark:

ffmpeg -i "F:\Avatar\film3\film.mp4" -vf "drawbox=x=0:y=0:w=5:h=3:color=green:t=fill" "F:\Avatar\film3\output_with_markers3.mov"

Please, tell me, how can I make a similar marking, but only for each even frame? Odd frames must remain unmarked.

I tried to do this:

ffmpeg -i "F:\Avatar\film3\film.mp4" -vf "select='(mod(n,2))', drawbox=x=0:y=0:w=5:h=3:color=red:t=fill" "F:\Avatar\film3\output_with_markers3.mov"

But the unmarked frames do not remain in the final video.



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