I have some 1080p videos that I'd like to convert to x265 to reduce their size.

The problem is that when I convert them using ffmpeg, I have problems playing the resulting video on Kodi running on Raspberry Pi 4. Either video or audio freezes at certain specific times. I haven't encountered such issues with other x265 1080p videos. (And RPi4 has native HEVC hardware decoding, which allows it to play even high-res x265 video without issues.)

I use

  • -c:v libx265 -crf 29 -preset slow for video

and for audio

  • -c:a libopus -b:a 160k -af channelmap=channel_layout=5.1
  • -c:a libopus -b:a 112k

for different audio channels. For this reason also I need to encode such 2 audio tracks separately and then mux them together.

I tried (separately):

  • Reduce the maximum rate by -maxrate 3M -bufsize 6M to make sure there aren't VBR parts with too much data to process,
  • -tune fastdecode,
  • Adding -filter:a aresample=async=1000.

But neither worked. (I haven't tried combining these options together.)

What could be a cause of these issues and what else can I try?

Update: I changed my workflow to encode all channels at once using -filter:a:0 'channelmap=channel_layout=5.1'. This fixed the problem. Which means, it was apparently caused by remuxing the channels. But still I have no idea why.


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