I'm currently testing by streaming a 30 fps example flv video using a local Happy-Time RTSP server.

This is the flv file i am streaming with RTSP:

enter image description here

I recorded the video with below ffmpeg command:

ffmpeg -i rtsp:// -c copy test30fps.mp4

The resulting video appears visually satisfactory, yet there's a discrepancy between the displayed time on the video and the actual duration of the video file. Although the MP4 file duration is correct (endRecordingTimeMs-startRecordingTimeMs= mp4 file duration), the time displayed within the video does not synchronize precisely with the file's time. Notably, this disparity escalates as the video progresses.

I anticipate the time text overlaid on the video and the file's time to align seamlessly. However, a few seconds of divergence are noticeable, gradually expanding over the video's duration.

enter image description here

Why does this occur and is there any way to fix this?


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