I had a DVD Styler file that I created on Windows, with paths starting with C:\Users\username\. I am now on Linux and want to change them to /home/username/. I searched online but couldn't find an immediate solution. I also right-clicked on a video item and tried adding with the + button, but it looks for a subtitle or audio file, not a video file.

How can I change all filepaths on the DVD Styler after changing platform?

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A DVD Styler file is simply an XML file, so you can replace the files in your favorite text editor. For example, replace this text on windows:


with this text on Linux:


If changing from Windows to Unix (macOS or Linux), also replace backward slashes, \, with forward slashes / elsewhere in the file.

Note: you can also use relative paths, e.g. assets/ for an image file in the assets directory sibling to the DVD Styler file, or ../ for one directory above.

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