I have a video on which I want to have a text box on top of the video for this purposes I am using ffmpeg's following code `import subprocess

def byte(): video = "assets/byte/bite.mp4" command = [ "ffmpeg", "-i", video, "-filter_complex", "[0:v]drawtext=text='name of the person':fontcolor=black:x=20:y=20:enable='between(t,0,10)'[text];" "color=white:s=2000x50:d=10[bg];" "[bg][text]overlay=10:10:enable='between(t,0,10)'", "-map", "0:v", "finalbite.mp4" ] subprocess.run(command) return "finalbite.mp4"

byte() ` But the code is returning a video file containing just a white stripe with video frame dimensions as of that white line and video duration of input video I am wondering what might be wrong ?

  • You draw text on video and overlay on color=white. Change chains to: ...complex "color=white...,drawtext=...[text]; [0:v][text]overlay.... And remove -map 0:v Apr 24 at 4:38
  • still not working. the code is producing a video with only a white horizontal bar in the whole video with the sound of the video and a black background.
    – nish
    Apr 29 at 0:44
  • try this filter chain: color=white:s=2000x50:d=10, drawtext=text='name of the person':fontcolor=black:x=20:y=20:enable='between(t,0,10)'[text]; [0:v][text]overlay=10:10:enable='between(t,0,10)' Apr 29 at 2:10


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