I tried using ClipChamp to remove some sections of a video. I dragged the sidebars to the point where I want the video to end, but I see no way to then save this new/improved/shortened version. Is saving only available in the paid edition?

I then downloaded movavi, and it seemed as if I was able to crop what I wanted, but then when I went to save the file, it wouldn't allow me to do it with the free version because my video is over the 60-second limit for the free edition.

Is there a free software or web site where I can upload a video and then have it cut off the first second or two and the last second or two of my video?

  • What platform are you working on? Windows / PC / Mac / something else?
    – tomh
    Commented Apr 12 at 10:11
  • Windows 11 (not to be confused with Oceans 11) Commented Apr 16 at 17:37

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I found Veed.IO to work well and easily; it is an online tool that can be found here. The free version puts a watermark (Veed.IO) on the video, but for my purposes that doesn't bother me.

I chopped one second off the start of the video and 2 seconds off the end rather easily.

The .mpf file it generated is larger than my original .MOV file, but that additional size shouldn't be a problem, either.

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