I have a Samsung TV which can play video files from an external USB source.
Generally this works fine, however recently I've come across some mp4 files which it says it can't play. I was a little confused at first as it can usually play mp4's without a problem but on further investigation it seems the problematic files have no video codec.
Can I 'install' this codec somehow in the file?

Edit: I've added the TV model and the file info from the video files. Unfortunately I don't own the actual footage so cannot post here.
TV model at the top, followed by the working file, then the non working file. The missing video codec is obvious.

TV model

Working file

Non working file

When I try to play a non working file, I get this error message.


  • Put the exact model of TV, and if you can (and own the footage), upload an example of a file that will & won't play.
    – tomh
    Apr 8 at 11:09
  • @tomh I've added the relevant details
    – Rich M
    Apr 10 at 11:39

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Check whether the second video can play on a PC or Mac.

If it can, it means the video codec isn't recognised by the Samsung TV.

Transcode the second video using a free tool like Handbrake.

Make sure the audio and video codec settings match those of the first working video.

  • Thank Tom, I'll try this. The TV can play other H.264/MP4 files without problem so I know it recognises the codec.
    – Rich M
    Apr 12 at 7:28

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