I have a Kdenlive project that was started with 25 FPS and now I want to switch it to 30 FPS, but no matter what I do, it stays on 25 FPS and produces 25 FPS output files during rendering.

The title bar says 30 FPS, the project properties say 30 FPS, but when I open the .kdenlive file with a text editor the profile still says 25 FPS:

enter image description here

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<mlt LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8" producer="main_bin" root="Videos/Project" version="7.23.0">
 <profile colorspace="709" description="HD 1080p 25 fps" display_aspect_den="9" display_aspect_num="16" frame_rate_den="1" frame_rate_num="25" height="1080" progressive="1" sample_aspect_den="1" sample_aspect_num="1" width="1920"/>
 <producer id="producer0" in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:45.600">

I even tried changing the profile by editing the .kdenlive file directly with an editor, but after loading it with Kdenlive it was back at 25 FPS.

Is there anything, short of creating a new project and arranging 100+ clips again to change this?

It doesn't matter if I open the project under Windows or Linux, I tested it with Kdenlive versions 24.02.1 and 22.12.3.

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I found the culprit. In the project I used the color bar generator. That clip was created with 25 FPS, since this was the project setting at that time. The framerate was stored in the .mlt file.

After creating a new color bar clip with 30 FPS and replacing it in the project it rendered correctly with 30 FPS.

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