This lecture seems to have been filmed in a classroom with ar conditioning. I can see the professor is using a microphone that's very close to his mouth. I would like to also record lectures like that, but I think the sound result is very poor and I'd like to do anything I can do to resolve this. What could be done? Would buying a much better microphone really produce a much better result? Can you recommend all the necessary equipment so that I try it out? I'm willing to invest a good deal of money in the equipment.

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The audio on this video isn't from the mic around his neck. It's from a mic much further away. I would guess the wrong input was selected when the video was filmed. The main noise on the audio is electrical interference because it's a cheap mic in a laptop or phone.

Any radio mic or clip mic around the neck should work better than what we hear in this clip. Sennheiser make good expensive reliable radio mics. Rode make some cheaper clever rechargeable models. Even a £10 clip mic plugged into an iPhone in airplane mode and recording into the Voice Memo app can give good results in a situation like this, if you're prepared to re-sync the audio and video afterwards.

  • Thank you so much for your experience on this. I did not notice what you did.
    – user43904
    Mar 21 at 22:58

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