I just bought a scart to hdmi adapter. It was not the cheapest as it also acts as a switch between 3 types of inputs : SCART, "3-cable AV", or just HDMI.

My goal is to video capture some VHS movies. Yet, even playing them on the TV fails with this adapter.

Here are the observations:

  • Plugging the SCART-SCART cable directly between the VHS player and the TV works perfectly fine.

  • Plugging the same SCART-SCART cable to the adapter and then plugging the HDMI to the TV results in the movie being "shredded": it oscillates between the actual movie and a "No Signal" blue screen

  • The same problem happens if I plug the HDMI from the adapter to a computer:

    • on MacOS, using QuickTime
    • on MacOS, using VLC
    • on a PC with Debian Linux, using VLC

Conclusion is easy: the problem comes from the adapter/converter

Some people are just returning the product online, claiming it is faulty, but I'd like to go deeper.

Personal Interpretation:

this is not a hardware problem, but I have the feeling that the adapter is actually looking for another channel, as if there was a chance it could find a higher-resolution input. These devices are supposed to handle Game Console and many other things, so I assume it would make sense in those cases.

In the case I would be right, would there be a way to stick to the same channel throughout the movie?

Otherwise, what could be the issue?

  • Edit your post and add a link to the exact model of adaptor - you’re more likely to get a good answer
    – tomh
    Mar 22 at 9:42
  • Done, thank you.
    – Myoch
    Mar 22 at 23:06


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