I am looking for a way to batch generate thumbnails contact-sheets with ffmpeg. A single line bash command line will do but a script is also okay.

This a example. enter image description here

-The dimensions of the jpg must be 1498x753 pixels -4 rows and 4 columns -the first thumbnail 55 seconds into the video -the rest of the thumbnails evenly spread till the end of the video and it must have the time in the nail itself when it was made -it must include information about movie size, duration, resolution, length and name -it must make thumbnails for all video's in the directory -if there is a error it must stop and print the name of the faulty video

I’m using a debian based distro. I looked at the ffmpeg man page but it is way above my level of understanding. I also searched the web and fount nothing. I hope some one knows.


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