I am trying to improve the video of a ripped DVD. The current file is encoded in MPEG2 interlaced and 720:480. I am trying see if it is possible, with a bit of conversion, for it to look better... possibly upscaling to near-HD if it is possible. My computer does have an Nvida (1050 Ti) card, so I was thinking that may help.

I used

ffmpeg -hwaccel cuda -i "input.mkv" -c:v hevc_nvenc -preset p7 -profile:v 1 -level 0 -tier 1 -tune 1 -vf yadif -vf "scale=1440x1080:flags=lanczos" -c:a aac -c:s srt output.mkv

The "-vf yadif" portion in that was intended to de-interlace, after looking at ideas on de-interlacing but the output still ends up being interlaced. The interlace artifact is quite annoying when viewed on my computer.

  • Your first filter -vf yadif has no effect. This is only the last filter that will be executed. Put the two together : -vf yadif,scale=1440x1080:flags=lanczos
    – Alain1A45
    Feb 7 at 13:09


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