I managed to create the subtitle file, using different language with one single FFMPEG command:

ffmpeg -y -loglevel "repeat+info" 
-i "file:Intervista.mp4" 
-i "file:Intervista_fr.srt" 
-i "file:Intervista_en.srt" 
-i "file:Intervista_it.srt" 
-c copy 
-map 0 -dn -map "-0:s" -map "-0:d"  
-map "1:0" "-metadata:s:s:0" "language=FR" "-metadata:s:s:0" "handler_name=French"  "-metadata:s:s:0" "title=French" 
-map "2:0" "-metadata:s:s:1" "language=ENG" "-metadata:s:s:1" "handler_name=English" "-metadata:s:s:1" "title=English" 
-map "3:0" "-metadata:s:s:2" "language=ITA" "-metadata:s:s:2" "handler_name=Italiano"  "-metadata:s:s:2" "title=Italiano" 

For some reason, the default subtitles shown when I start the video is English, which is the one in the middle. How do I set the default subtitle file to Italian?

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Add -disposition option :

-disposition:s:0 0 -disposition:s:1 0 to clear the disposition for first and second subtitles (fr and eng).

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