I'm going to shoot a real estate type of video of a local fashion/beauty salon (well, not a typical real estate video, I just need to showcase the studio which only has 2-3 rooms, that's it). The problem is, I have just inspected the place and to my surprise, it is full of mirrors, both the ground floor and the first floor. This latter one is especially tricky, because, as you can see, a little pathway leads up to the room. Now generally, the way I would shoot a real estate video, is that in case of each room I would want to walk through the doorstep (as a foreground) to give a feeling of actually entering that room, as if I was touring the house myself (as in here, for example). In my case however, it seems to be impossible without me showing up in the big mirror(s) in front. It's not like I can squat and problem solved, because I'll show up no matter what.

Question: how would you approach this problem professionally?

  • Should I just try to shoot everything from the mirrors' direction, from the mirrors' point of view and thus potentially skipping any "walk through the doorway" kind of shots?
  • Or, should I still force these walk through the doorway shots and then somehow try to remove myself from the image in post production (using After Effects I believe)? Or this latter would overcomplicate the issue a ton?

I tried to research the problem and I have only found to relevant posts. This first one mainly focuses on big budget Hollywood solutions (which is obviously not the situation in my case), this second one suggests that the problem could be tackled in After Effects by applying so called clean plates?

Any ideas or insights are highly appreciated.


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