I need to encode a smpte170m color space MPEG-2 ("mpeg2video") video to 10 bit x265 (libx265, with FFMPEG). Hoping to use yuv420p10le, but any suggestions are welcome.

Source video is in smpte170m color space and NTSC:


Is smpte170m space even compatible with 10 bit such as yuv420p10le?

Should I keep smpte170m space or convert it to BT907 or other?

Resolution (after scaling) will be approximately 848x304. Which color space is more widely supported for such resolution?

Can FFMPEG/libx265 perform/compute correct color space conversion or it simply changes symbols in metadata without computing actual color conversion?

Encoded video is purely for personal use and will be played 99% of time on PC/android phones (No HDR screens at present).

Does NTSC standard still apply AFTER encoding to x265 or it becomes irrelevant? (say encoding to Matroska)

The only limitation I have in choosing a destination color space, etc (in encoded/destination video) is so that its play is supported in hardware on modern android phones/tablets/PC.

Thank you!

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Is smpte170m space even compatible with 10 bit such as yuv420p10le?

There's no incompatibility - H.265 supports BT601-525 / SMPTE170m tagging. It depends on your player if colours are rendered correctly during playback.

So, first encode without any colorspace onversion and check. Else, convert to BT.709 using colorspace or zscale filter.

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