From a video, I want to clip out a part I like. It's roughly from 12:34 to 43:21, so I do:

ffmpeg -i "input.mp4" -ss 12:34 -to 43:21 -c copy "output.mp4"

The result is cut exactly at those timestamps, not at keyframes, so I get a few seconds of audio with frozen image at both ends.

How do I tell ffmpeg to cut at closest keyframes?

I've tried putting -ss in front, like -ss 12:34 -i "input.mp4", this does start the clip at a keyframe, but it makes 12:34 the new 00:00, so -to won't work the same. Now I need to manually calculate the duration of my clip and put the duration after -to, but the calculation is too hard to be the best solution.

The official wiki suggests using -copyts to maintain the original timestamps, but it messes up the timeline, and the progress bar in the player shows a wrong total video length.

There's also a -noaccurate_seek flag which sounds like what I need, but is actually not what it sounds.

(In case it matters, I'm using ffmpeg v6.0, input v=AVC and a=AAC)


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