I'm using this command to create screenshots from a video, each time there is a frame change.

ffmpeg -i "$video_file" -filter_complex "select=bitor(gt(scene\,0.5)\,eq(n\,0))" -vsync drop "$frames_dir/%04d.jpg"

It seems to work pretty well, but there are a few black images in the screenshots that I'd like to remove.

I'm not well versed in advanced ffmpeg commands and I think the command above can be adapted to throw away the black frames. Does anybody know how?

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Use the blackframe and metadata filters after select.

ffmpeg -i "$video_file" -filter:v "select=bitor(gt(scene\,0.5)\,eq(n\,0)),blackframe=amount=1,metadata=mode=select:key=lavfi.blackframe.pblack:value=95:function=less" -vsync drop "$frames_dir/%04d.jpg"

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