While making videos at home, there is a considerable amount of ambient noise throughout the day (e.g. airplanes, cars honking, dogs barking, etc). I know there are (software) tools that are capable of filtering out such noise while recording voice audio. For example, Microsoft's "Teams" software has a digital/software filter that, when turned on, causes all of those sounds to be filtered out of the audio that is transmitted to others in the "Team" call. It does a flawless job of this, allowing essentially only voice audio to pass through.

However, I have yet to find what software would do this for a typical home video recording setup. In my case, the hardware I have is:

  • Sound: a Professional Scarlett Studio MIC, connected to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, which is then connected to a MacBook Pro. The MacBook is running Ableton Live 11.
  • Video: A Sony ZV-1F.

Honestly, I have yet to make my first video...but audio tests show that absolutely every ambient sound is mingled with my voice.

I am not looking for a solution of "go to a recording studio". Also, I am not talking about playback of a recording (I am not looking for a noise-cancellation headset). I am looking for software, presumably compatible with the above, which filters out the noise while the recording of my voice is in progress. Any suggestions?

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As you're working in mono, this becomes easy, using that dreaded misnomer… AI

Just record your soundtrack as normal, then throw the resulting file at Adobe Enhance (free but requires sign-up). It only takes wav or mp3. It will take stereo but gives you mono back.
Tadahh. Clean audio track.

Honestly, it's nearly put me out of a job :\

There's also a Mic Check tool, which I haven't yet tried.

BTW, the kind of routines that Teams et al use is 'clever' but pretty low bandwidth/complexity. You wouldn't want to use it for broadcast

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