I want to edit a video with this same type of "endless paper" background. On screen graphics, and zooms.

I was trying by importing a large paper photo, then adding all of my on screen graphics to it scaled down, and then using a 3D camera to move between graphics on screen giving the video the same dynamic motion feel as the one linked in this inquiry.

This quickly turned into a nightmare task and I can not seem to find anything on google or maybe my phrasing is just terribly off to search for this.

PLEASE can someone at least tell me what it is I need to search to learn this. I can learn what I ever I need to editing wise but in this particular case I do not know what I do not know to even begin to learn.


"Endless Paper background in intro. and Eased zoom ins and outs

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The youtube link doesn't work, but a lot of these are made using the iOS app which is literally called Endless Paper!

The illustrator draws it all inside the app, or imports sections from other drawing apps at each zoom level, and remembers where they plan to go with each pinch-to-zoom.

Then it is just filmed with a rostrum camera over the tablet.

If you wanted to achieve a similar effect using video software, I would use After Effects with a series of parented comps. I suspect Final Cut or Premiere wouldn't be the right tool for the job (but the actual right tool for the job is the iOS app mentioned).

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