I would like to use FFMPEG compiled .exe files in my commercial Windows OS application and I am wondering if it can be used commercially mainly if:

a) The compiled ffmpeg.exe is distributed with the application

I will include ffmpeg.exe binary (got from official Windows builds URL) in the application setup file and it will be copied in the same application folder when installed, so the application will run it to perform video conversion tasks.


b) The compiled ffmpeg.exe is downloaded from the official Windows builds URL

In this case the setup file of the application will automatically download ffmpeg.exe while the program is being installed (or I can show a window with like "Downloading FFMPEG .exe file...") and then it will be copied in the application folder, so the application will run it to perform video conversion tasks.

I will not use the static linked libraries (dlls) and with option b) I can even not directly distribute ffmpeg.exe file but it will be downloaded from the official URL for Windows builds during installation of the application. In both cases I will write "This application uses FFMPEG" in the application's footer and it will link to FFMPEG website.

Will a) and/or b) case be fine?

Additionally, will I need to buy x254 and x265 licenses also for the above cases?

Thank you everyone.


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