I'd like to very closely mask my head for this 'clone effect' multilayered camera shot.

Is there an efficient tool I can use which will detect a human figure/face and mask based on that?

Should I just use the motion tracking within FCP and assign the transform of a spherical head shaped draw mask to that tracker?

How best can I 'cut out' my head/body against the background footage to sell the clone illusion? enter image description here

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I would do this using After Effects and the built in RotoBrush tool.

Apply Rotobrush to each overlaying layer to make the layers behave naturally with each other.

It will take some time, but I reckon it's what is usually used to make videos like this.

Runway also has some very cool looking AI rotobrush-type tools, but I haven't used them.


I would break up the mask into a couple of pieces. Easier to handle the fine-tuning. There are plugins that can track this. You have to try and see which works best. Rotoscoping is still one of the things that need a lot of work by hand. Sometimes it's just you have to sit and do it.

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