When I remux the transport stream (.ts file) of a satellite recording to mkv, file size shrinks considerably.

Why is that ?
What is inside the .ts container that gets "lost" during remuxing ?

For testing purposes, I recorded a few seconds of a TV satellite broadcast, resulting in a 4 MB .ts file. I then remuxed this file to .mkv, keeping all streams (1 video stream + 2 audio streams) and got a 3 MB .mkv file.
What accounts for the -25% difference in file size ?

I can attach the files if needed. No reencoding takes place.

  • Is the video stream re-encoded during remux ?
    – audionuma
    Apr 10 at 5:59
  • @ audionuma: no. I updated the question. Thank you.
    – summerrain
    Apr 11 at 3:19


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