I have video files, I want a nice Blu-Ray disk. I’ve no idea where to start aside from a USB Blu-Ray writer and BD-Rs (I have the writer, but no blank discs as of yet). I've tried researching this, but to no avail. Everything seems to either assume I already know how the process works, or does not take into account fluid Blu-ray menu design, which is really important to me: I want the full software capability of the Blu-ray format, and not just a plain DVD menu with maybe some high-res video. Maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing?

I have some experience with authoring DVDs via DVDStyler. However, Blu-ray authoring software I've looked up seems to be mostly of the plastic baby toy variety that looks really nice but only has basic functionality (and charges a premium to remove ads), let alone Windows only, or be from expensive name brands such as Adobe or Apple (Mac to run the software not included).

I’m using Linux, and having wine is not guaranteed right now, so that’s a major factor.

Is there any official but not too wordy guide or documentation for this topic? Can the menus be programmed in a language, similar to how web development works? Is proprietary software my only choice?


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