I've been obsessed with the Technology Preview of producing HDR images in Adobe Camera Raw. I'm now capable of transforming all of my RAW photos, dating back to my first DSLR, the Canon 350D, and produce stunning results on the XDR display of my MacBook Pro M1.

However, support for displaying these images is almost non-existing. When exporting these as AV1 files, I can display them in Chrome on my MBP and it shows a better result than any other browser on any other device.

But I found that I can export these images in the OpenEXR format from Adobe Photoshop. These files are large, and I can open them with the Preview app and it shows them in all their splendor.

Now I'm trying to make a slideshow in DaVinci Resolve Studio. I have some experience grading Canon Log files, and I'm a bit familiar with the "color managed" workflow in producing content in DaVinci Resolve. I even managed to render out an H.265 10-bit video in Rec.2020 HLG and have it processed correctly as an HDR video on YouTube.

My problem is this: when importing such an OpenEXR file in a DaVinci Resolve HDR project, I just can't get it to look right. I tried both DaVinci YRGB Color Managed and ACES color science, and I'm sure the file is encoded in a linear colorspace, so I guess I should use that as my input color space, but the contrast is way too high.

So my question is this: what is the correct set up to import OpenEXR files from Adobe Photoshop into DaVinci Resolve in a color managed way?


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