My picture layer background color was set to white, so in AE it appeared to be light. But in AME it used a black background color instead, so it appeared to be dark. I fixed this by adding a white solid layer under all other layers.

It's so confusing for a newbie like me.

In my AE it appears like this enter image description here

but in AME it renders this enter image description here

if I choose Render Alpha Channel Only, it appears like this enter image description here

I'm wondering how to make the rendered one look like the one in AE

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Media Encoder is notoriously unreliable for correctly rendering anything out of Premiere or After Effects. I would only use it for very simple comps and sequences. Anything else seems to confuse it.

If you need to automate a lot of renders, you could try rendering them from the command line instead?


  • I tried using render but without the encoder my video turned out to be hundreds of GB, which made my disk full.
    – kr17
    Jan 4, 2023 at 12:47

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