I am using OBS with multiple audio inputs: built-in microphone, 2-channel USB audio input L, and R.

My OBS has all default audio channels off. And I have an "audio scene" to assign these three inputs, which is then imported to the other scenes. All audio is assigned to a mix channel (live) and a separate channels (recording). Then I edit as multitrack audio in Final Cut Pro.

Somehow today during my show, the recording was flipping channels. So OBS saves channel aux-L to output 2 and aux-R to output 3. Every 5 or 10 seconds or so for some segments of the show, aux-L goes to output 3 and aux-R goes to 2. In post I have channels 2 and 3 panned left and right so I'm getting dizzy listening this like the two people are jumping criss-cross.

During this time I did not do any scene changes or touch the USB device. The recording is not clicking or sounding like any disconnect happened.

Has anybody else seen anything like this? And how do I diagnose this? This is especially tough because I don't notice any of this until post production when I see the channels separately.


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