I am importing an illustrator file including svg shapes to after effects. The shapes in the files are filled with gradients and when I import them to AE they are all gray. Is there a way to quickly apply the gradient to all of the shapes? I am doing a lottie animation, so the fill needs to be gradient (not using an effect).

Some shapes also have a full layer size gray frame that I did not add in illustrator. So the layer basically has the shape I want (Group 1) and the full layer size shape (Group 2) covering everything else. IF I remove Group 2, I cannot add the fill to Group 1.

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The Overlord plugin lets you move projects between Illustrator and After Effects in a better way than the built in processes do. They have some support for gradients:


#LIMITATIONS Because of the complexity of the workaround, there is a limit of 8 colors on gradients. Additional color stops will be ignored. Gradient strokes are supported, but the additional methods of applying gradients (Along stroke and Across stroke) are not possible in Ae and will be ignored. Radial gradient aspect ratio will be ignored

It's a good plugin, highly recommended

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