I'm trying to make a motion of position of shape and I'm getting next:

enter image description here

In this frame, position getting automatically lower than I desired to. I mean, I want that the 1st keyframe to be 950 px (for example) and the 2nd ketframe to be 930px. But when I do this, automatically, the curve goes to 900px and then, from this location (circled orange in image), goes to 930px.

That I want to do is a transition from 950px to 930px, and not 950 to 900 and then to 930; but AE automatically creates that type of curve.



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It's because you're not using Linear spatial interpolation on the keyframes. See this answer: Object moving to a position I didn't specify

  • Thank you! It is solved :) Commented Sep 29, 2022 at 12:33

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