I'm using the following to build a preview filmstrip image by grabbing every Nth frame and tiling them into a grid:

ffmpeg -i "$file" -frames 1 -vf "select=not(mod(n\,$N)),tile=${COLS}x${ROWS}" -y strip.jpg

However the input video has black bars so I'd like to crop them out before grabbing those frames using something like:

-filter:v "crop=1440:1080"

Adding that has no effect on the tiled output image. I have also tried incorporating that filter into the -vf option to no effect. Is there any way to accomplish this without a second pass that renders the whole video (temporarily) cropped? Thanks!

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Simply insert crop after the select filter.

-vf "select=not(mod(n\,$N)),crop=1440:1080,tile=${COLS}x${ROWS}"
  • Thanks - I had tried that but my mistake was apparently that I was adding ":0:0" for the offset. For some reason if I do that the crop does not apply in this context. Jun 23, 2022 at 23:50

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