Synopsis: For a music video project, I want to concatenate a larger ammount of short excerpts from multiple videos into a kind of video "remix" on Windows (10). The concatenation should work on frame level. This is important, because it allows me to match the video edit with the exact BPM of the audio which will be put over the visuals later. The concatenation should run in a loop until a given duration of the target file is achieved. As there will be a couple of hundred if not thousand cuts in the end, I really want to script this. I will do some manual video editing afterwards, but the basis should be generated by a script using FFMPEG.

Question: I ask you for help with the approach in FFMPEG. Maybe an example command line or two that I could start with and elaborate.

Details: The source videos do not have the same codec/size/frame rate/aspect ratio. These values should either be detemined by user input or taken over from the first source video that is read.

A loss of quality by scaling/conversion is not only accepted, but highly welcome. LoFi goes well with the musical context. Also, it is fine if there is some random in the selection of excerpt, maybe to an extent I can define within a script.

I do have the skills to do some scripting where necessary, preferably cmd batch, because the whole job will be done on Windows. But my preference would be to do as much of the work as possible with native ffmpeg functionality. I think once I know how the ffmpeg part will work, I will be able to figure out how to script the rest by myself.


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