It's been a week since I ventured into learning video editing. I preferred to use KDEnlive because it is open surce software.

My question is the following. How to make the letter "b" move smoothly from the position x=900 and y=465 to the position x=1680 and y=465 following the blue trace in the picture below?

Comments. The blue line is the upper part of an ellipse with extremities at x=900 / y=465 and x=1680 / y=465.

I was able to make the letter "b" move from x=900 / y=465 to x=1680 / y=465 in three rectilinear movements. Red trace of the figure.

[enter image description here]

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It seems that some of the options for transform are not showing in the sub-window of your screenshot, probably because it is not horizontally wide enough. Try to enlarge the width of that sub-window, and then you will see the additional options appear. In a pull-down menu, select the Smooth option for keyframe interpolation rather than Linear. Then, with maybe a couple additional keyframes along the ellipse, the motion should track the ellipse pretty well.

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