I am having an MXF file with lots of metadata, which is quite long and big in size. I want to cut 30-40 seconds of it while preserving the said metadata. My first guess was using ffmpeg but unfortunately, the metadata is being stripped from the output. This is my code:

ffmpeg -i <input.mxf> \
       -movflags use_metadata_flags \
       -map_metadata 0 \
       -t 30 \
       -c copy <output.mxf>

And when I compare the input.mxf with the output.mxf I see that a lot of the metadata reported by mediainfo is missing.

Other #4
ID                                       : 3002
Type                                     : Metadata
Format                                   : AS-11 Segmentation
Title                                    : AS_11_Segmentation
Part Total                               : 1
1                                        : 10:00:00:00 + 00:13:06:00 = 10:13:06:00
Total Programme Duration                 : 00:13:06:00

In the output, I don't even have Other #4 section.

I have tried to use exiftool to extract the metadata and inject it back into the output file, but apparently exiftool supports only reading from MXF files but not writing.

I am looking for an open-source tool, which can help me to achieve this. I don't want to transcode, just to shorten the original video.


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