For recording gaming footage I use OBS together with Voice meeter to split my audio sources for later editing with DaVinci Resolve. I use the "Replay" function of OBS that records the last 5 minutes of footage once I press a button. Often-times I don't require the full 5 min, so I want to trim the files to keep only the parts I want to use for editing later and to safe space on my HDD.

As the source file is an mp4 with 4 audio tracks (1 for discord, 2 for game audio, 3 for my mic and 4 for possible streaming) if I use programs like windows Photos to trim I loose all but one of the audio tracks.

What I've done so far:

I've tried using the record function of VLC per audio lane but the recordings (while fine in VLC) have shifted audio once I throw them in DVR. It's also pretty time-consuming to do for multiple audio tracks and not very accurate as the recording doesn't start the moment you hit the record button in VLC.

I also came across a program called SolveigMM Video Splitter and tried it on some files which seemed promising at first but resulted in shifted audio tracks just like the VLC recordings even before I put it in DVR.

The method I now use is to throw all the files I recorded the previous days into DVR and cut them to the length that I want. DVR supports export of all timeline audio tracks so my "trimmed" files still have all audio tracks. While this works, it's also time consuming as DVR has no option to render in the source quality so I need to adjust the kBits/s per clip for the files to not consume more space than they would be before.

While the obvious solution would be to reduce the time that is getting recorded, I sometimes forget to record, decide I want to record something that I previously didn't or the "action" is taking longer than just one or two minutes.

So what I'm looking for is a simple tool to trim an mp4 file with multiple audio tracks to a specific length and keep all the tracks separate.

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.


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