Among semi-professionals, what is the least convoluted way to get photos and videos taken on my iPhone to a Windows computer?

Historically, what I've done in the past is import the files into a computer (henceforth making a copy of them), delete the files from my phone, make sure things are backed up (through both local means and/or paid cloud services) and then open them up in my video editor.

However, I've since switched to iCloud. Although it isn't really meant to be a storage solution as much as it is a content syncing service, I can imagine there is a better way that is more direct and makes less copies -- especially with HDR 4k content. Additionally, with some of the Cinematic metadata recorded in the videos, my uneducated guess is that when copying over files naively some of this data is lost.

I am aware of the mechanism possible to easily compartmentalize and retrieve photos from iCloud to edit on something like an iPad Pro but this is limited to iPad apps like iMovie. I'm curious how professionals' (that use iPhones to film) workflow looks like on non Apple editing programs and non Apple computers.


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