I have a process of specifying starting and ending 16:9 rectangles on an image. This is easier for the end user to select what they want the resulting affect to be.

I would like to use FFmpeg to generate a Ken Burns Effect by panning and zooming from one rectangle to another. Here is an example of the rectangles:





I have start and end rectangles captured as percentage of image for Left, Top, Width, and Height (or I could do Left, Top, Right, Bottom if that were easier).

  Start: 0.282178, 0.088496, 0.717822, 0.716814
  End: 0.391089, 0.115044, 0.475248, 0.477876

I believe that I would need to use the zoompan filter. I would appreciate some pointers (or resources) on how to figure out how to setup the filter to accomplish this.

I will then use FFmpeg to join the sequence of animations with xfade between them to create a resulting slideshow video.


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