I was trying to convert Premiere Pro 2022 project to 2020 for my colleagues to use. The converter site has a message popped out when I clicked CONVERT. The error message is "Invalid file type. [Error 3]". I have a screenshot attached. How can I convert to a lower version from Premiere 2022. Thank you!

Truly appreciate.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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I think Adobe only officially maintains compatibility within single version numbers of Premiere. See here:


You might be able to export the project as another format, like you would when exporting to another editor (like this example exporting to Davinci Resolve). But you're likely to lose some edit information (plugins etc), and it will be difficult to do. You're better off all working on the same version.


Usually method with unpacking PRPROJ with 7-zip helps me.

  1. Unpack project file with 7-zip
  2. Open in notepad.
  3. Edit version in line number 4. Version="40" is for Premiere 2022. Version="39" is for Premiere 2021. Version="38" is for Premiere 2020.

You can even edit it to Version="30", then Premiere should propose you to resave it to actual version. enter image description here

  1. Save the file and rename in to prproj. 4.1. Or pack it with 7-zip with these settings: enter image description here

Then rename to *.prproj

Video explanation

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