I have a lossy AAC audio file. I would like it to be slightly faster, and slightly higher pitched. I would like to avoid loosing any audio quality, such as by re-encoding the stream.

I am well aware that if I wanted to increase the speed without increasing the pitch, I would be SOL for avoiding a re-encode. Same for increasing the pitch without increasing the speed, because these operations require relatively complicated filters to pull off.

However, I want to do something a lot simpler—increase the speed and the pitch at the same time, by the same amount. The same as what would happen if you played a record or a cassette tape too quickly.

The currently has a sample rate of 44100hz. If I could change it to 48000hz without re-encoding, I'd get a ~9% speed bump. That would be perfect!

However, I can't seem to find a way to do this! Ffmpeg's asetrate filter, for example, requires a stream copy!

Surely there should be a way to do this? It seems technically simple...

(I'm aware that I'm being a bit ridiculous about re-encoding. My ears aren't that good and I probably wouldn't be able to hear a difference in audio quality. But it would bother me, and that's what matters.)


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