So according to the docs located here https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Concatenate
section: Changing playlist files on the fly

it says you can do this:

Now you can change the looping clip by a simple move command:

mv next_clip.mxf dummy.mxf

I cant find any examples on the web of how this works.

I will test it some more but i cant seems to get this to work, I added it on the last line in place of where i would normally put the next text file to open. but it just kept cutting off.

I am assuming that it would cut off because that once it loads up the txt file, it cant be changed.

I have seen reference to such things as "outpoint and inpoint" but can not find any info on that either.

can someone point me in the direction to all the commands i can put into the txt file when using the concat demuxer. i would like to learn what all i can do.

  • See stackoverflow.com/q/57143892
    – Gyan
    Apr 18 at 9:47
  • thanks, so @gyan it is BEFORE last video in txt file plays, or is it once txt file is loaded there is no going back? I was gonna go with the old method of 'files video.mp4' and then the next list on the last line. file 'next.txt' ... if i stuck with that model can that last line "next.txt" be changed to say "two.txt" once the first txt file is loaded into ffmpeg? Apr 21 at 0:55


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