I have a very big problem with rendering my video in Davinci Resolve 17. Every time i render a video it doesn't start at the beginning and it's rendering 1 clip only. I am trying to finish a 3 minute video, but when IO render, I only get 20 seconds video.

Same thing to copy/paste adjustment clips: Whenever I paste the adjustment/text I had copied, then it'll paste only at 1 spot, and that spot is also where the render starts, and that clip is the only clip that's getting rendered. I hope someone can help me to finish my project.

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On the Deliver page there is an option to process Single Clip or Individual Clips. Choose Single clip. It is in the left-side menu close to the area where you choose the path and output options.

Render Settings

Also, make sure you don't have any in-out areas selected on your timeline page or it will just render that out. Alt+X will clear all in-out points.

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