So I am working on a way to feed a live feed from a Satellite feed into my OBS. i need when the DTMF tones hit to launch a another batch file. I am currently using windows

I have hooked up multimon-ng and ffmpeg. and had to use streamlink for testing a live feed

I have tested this and it seems to work somewhat, here is my code for my .Bat file

"%streamlink%" --quiet "%stream%" best -O |  %ffmpeg%  -loglevel 0 -i pipe: -vn -f s16le -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 1 -ar 22050 - | %multimon-ng%  -q -t wav --timestamp -a DTMF - 

it catches too much noise from the feed i think and then it thinks it is other dtmf files sometimes so i have tried to clean it up a bit adding this in my ffmpeg

"%streamlink%" --quiet "%stream%" best -O |  %ffmpeg% -hide_banner -loglevel 0 -i pipe: -f s16le -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 2 -ar 22050  -af "loudnorm=I=-12:TP=-1.5:LRA=11,highpass=f=300,lowpass=f=800,afftdn=nr=20:nf=-40" pipe:1 | %multimon-ng%  -q -t wav --timestamp -a DTMF -

the feed i am using is utube videoID "xQoBlFC5SAA" (not sure we can post links here)

I also have used this code to watch it in ffplay to see if i am getting out some of the noise:

"%streamlink%" --quiet "%stream%" best -O | %ffmpeg% -hide_banner -loglevel 0 -i pipe: -f s16le -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 2 -ar 22050 -af "loudnorm=I=-12:TP=-1.5:LRA=11,highpass=f=300,lowpass=f=800,afftdn=nr=20:nf=-40" pipe:1 | %ffplay% -hide_banner -loglevel 0 -f s16le -

I really would like to do is be able to pipe from ffmpeg to ffplay AND Multimon-ng, that way i can monitor them at same time

but what i cant figure out is the best noise and volume settings so the DTMF will be clear coming from FFMPEG.

So what i am needing help with 1.) pipe to both ffplay and Multimon-ng 2.) clean up the audio from feed to detect better dtmf 3.) in ffplay i would like colored waves if possible, its just white and black right now

for anyone willing to check this out again i have used following windows binaries 1.) streamlink to grab utube video 2.) Multimon-ng to detect the dtmf 3.) FFmpeg and FFplay


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